Project C Villas


The villas are designed within a larger scale development project next to a hotel, spa and resi-dences. Since they are meant to be built in the land of an old destroyed farm, the main design comes from the geometry and the material qualities of the typical farm structure. The new living quarters marries the sincere nature of the primary shape and the warm wood texture to the moder-nity and luxury of the new clients needs. The villas, thanks to these characteristics sits perfectly into its natural habitat. The latest technological energy efficient systems renders the project very ecological. Each villa have their own private swimming pool that slides into the constructed volume. The opening facades takes the nature into the project and gives the owners the opportunity to sit on the slab and put their feet into water or grass. The interiors also are designed with the intention of creating warm, cosy living areas. The villas are designed in different sizes and various plan alternatives.