In 2007 Think… decided to move to the third floor of the Imren appartment building in Tesvikiye – Istanbul. Their expectation was for us to convert this regular office floor to a more attractive and striking one where they can receive their clients and exhibit their work. The company was structurally divided in two sections; the two directing partners and the rest of the effective team working under them. This functional quality made us divide the floor area into three; the entrance and the open office space for the staff, executive partner offices with joint meeting area and the exhibition corridor connecting the two. Entrance is a vestibule area just behind the open offices. A big metal separator spelled THINK facing the entry door is protecting the staff’s intimacy and is welcoming strongly all the guests to the company. This separator’s negative effect is placed as a window within the other wall separating open space from the entry.

All the clients received on site are hosted in one of the director rooms or in the meeting area. This generates naturally a flow from entrance towards the executive sector at the back of the office. The connecting corridor is designed to become an exhibition gallery for the company to show their work. Since most of the event organization work is done on site, special display units were custom manufactured. Each unit was equipped with an LCD screen showing images from the event and a place to hang the event’s poster. The walls has been colored horizontally in order to give a directional quality to the corridor as well as to emphasize its exhibitional aspect. Same tones of grey were used on the deteriorated hardwood floor to recover it with a different texture. The same flooring continues until the two executive rooms.

The twin rooms are facing an interior courtyard. Both rooms have the working area and a recreational one. A furniture separator is designed and placed between the recreational areas. Parts of this original library give possibility to see-through between the two rooms, giving more depth to the space.